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Caju Brigadeiros

Our Flavors

Caju Brigadeiros was born from the idea of creating a handcrafted Brigadeiro, made in a different way: using ingredients that meet the highest gastronomical standards so that the quality of our delicious brigadeiros are always impeccable. We offer a unique experience with amazing flavours so that our brigadeiros are appreciated without any moderation - thus, it is almost impossible to eat just one!


Our mission is to bring these delicacies to the United States so that more people can discover and enjoy our delicious Caju Brigadeiros. They can be enjoyed at festive times and celebrations. We offer beautiful packaging for our customers to take some home, gift to family and friends or share on a special occasion.


Caju Brigadeiros prides itself on offering personalised service to each customer. We ensure maximum satisfaction because our products are chosen in a unique way and of the highest quality. 

Our Flavors

Brigadeiros are a traditional Brazilian sweet that are very common throughout Brazil. They are incredibly delicious, making for the sweetest and happiest moments in life! They can always be enjoyed at family events and celebrations. Each recipe has been lovingly developed for Caju Brigadeiros' excellence in taste, freshness, texture and sophisticated presentation.


(milk chocolate - 33% cocoa)


(white chocolate - 28% cocoa with coconut flakes)


(semi dark chocolate - 54% cocoa infused with orange zest)

(chocolate - 54% cocoa and white chocolate 28% cocoa, with passion fruit curd)

Passion Fruit

White Chocolate

(white chocolate 28% cocoa)


(milk chocolate - 33% cocoa covered in colorful confectionery)

Dark Chocolate

(dark chocolate - 72% cocoa)


(white chocolate - 28% cocoa infused with strawberry zest)


(white chocolate - 28% cocoa infused with lemon curd)


(semi dark chocolate - 54% cocoa with roasted cashew nuts)


(blend chocolate - 64% cocoa with coconut flakes)

Raspberry Lemonade

(White chocolate 28% cocoa, lemon zest and dried raspberries)


(semi-dark chocolate 54% cocoa infused with coffee beans)


(white chocolate - 28% cocoa with roasted pistachios)

Dark Chocolate

(almond condensad milk, chocolate 100% cocoa, raw chocolate nibs 100% cocoa)

Salted Caramel

(white chocolate - 28% cocoa with caramel sauce and salted crispearls)


(milk chocolate 54% cocoa and roasted almonds)


(coconut condensad milk, coconut powder, coconut flakes)

Our brigadeiros are made exclusively. Each brigadeiro is made individually in an artistic way. We use refined ingredients of the best quality such as the purest and most genuine Belgian cocoa; this way we can guarantee the best quality to the highest standards.


Meet  the Creator

Tania Bertalan, a Brazilian passionate for pastries is responsible for making a perfect combination of sweetness and sophistication. Combining creative techniques acquired throughout her career. She reinvented traditional Brazilian recipes so that they can also be enjoyed in the United States. Her love for culinary  is the main reason that she dedicated a lifetime to the pleasure of combining flavors, colors, textures and sensations to the most diverse palates.

Fresh Brigadeiros

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Caju Brigadeiros has a perfect option to add a new experience at parties or gatherings: Our beautiful cart is ideal to display some beautiful Brigadeiros, creating a great atmosphere at your event and impressing all the guests with our delicious handcrafted chocolates. We also customize our boxes with your name/logo!

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